Long term car rental Spain - PLEASE READ BELOW


Looking to hire for less than a month?

If so, please feel free to get a quote above. If your hire is longer than around 20 days, we might be able to offer some discount on our normal rates.

Looking to hire for 1 - 2 months?

The longest that we can confirm for as a single contract is 60 days (Alicante Airport and Malaga Airport only). Most of our suppliers set a limit to contract length of around 28 - 30 days (they aren't really interested in offering long term hires). The few companies that do allow longer contracts normally set higher daily rates if the hire period exceeds 28 - 30 days, meaning that it might better to look at booking several consecutive hires. Best to contact us and let us know what you are after and we can get back to you with your options.

Looking to hire for more than 2 months?

Don't bother getting a quote above but instead contact us to let us know your requirements: hire location, vehicle size and approximate start and end dates. Then we can have a look at your options, taking into account factors such as seasonal variation in rates, maximum contract lengths permitted and extra charges (additional insurance cover, extra drivers etc.) that would be incurred per contract.

You might also be looking for an open-ended long term hire on a monthly renewable basis. That's no problem either. You can start by booking a month and then we can let you know towards the end of each month what the best way to proceed will be. We'll be here to sort things out for you.